Social Media is an essential part in our business lives today whether you want to be honest or otherwise. If you’re a Christian and also have a business, you’ve got to be on social media to become found and fasten for your customers. Digital age that people reside in results in a ‘perceived’ value on social media so even when we do not think it is useful for our business, we must still get it to become seen as an business who’s trying to look after their clients.

With this being stated, what should a Christian business proprietor publish on social media? The simple answer is identical factor everybody else posts. Family updates, interesting stuff you find, images of you doing interesting things, etc. As an entrepreneur, publish relevant items to your clients. It doesn’t need to be about your company. Remember, social media is perfect for your clients and you need to interact with them.

We attempt to split up ourselves as Christians, but we’re living within the same world with everybody else. The Bible states “don’t love the world or even the things in the world.” (I John2:15) We have seen exactly the same things everybody else sees, we simply view it with the eyes of God. There exists a filter that sees the world as fallen and looking for a savior.

Let us have a rainbow. A researcher states that it’s water molecules reflecting light. That maybe true, but there’s no meaning behind that statement. A Christian could see that very same rainbow and consider the way a Creator God made water form in only the proper way to reveal a rainbow for you at this moment. Would you begin to see the difference?

Allow me to give another example. I increased in West Texas. We’ve got some from the finest sunsets, I might be biased. When I increased up, I discovered that the sunset with the reds and oranges is principally because of the pollution in mid-air. That may have warped my look at sunsets forever until I converted it with my Christian world view. Now i see sunsets as God taking something horrible we did with pollution and showing His Glory by shining the sun’s rays through it at the perfect position.

Posting on social media isn’t about attempting to publish Christian Bible constantly. It’s about revealing God within the common, mundane areas of existence. My spouse would state that God helps make the boring awesome. It is always good when we all resided our way of life awesomely boring.

Now allow me to share some quick tips about posting on social media like a Christian business proprietor:

· Do publish the awesomely boring things in which you saw God reveal something about his nature.

· Do publish tales by what God does inside your existence.

· Do publish tales by what God does inside your business.

· Do share pictures that encourage your spirit.

· Do publish what’s true. (Don’t publish gossip, even if it’s veiled in prayer.)

· Do keep the mind on God and the overall purpose. (Don’t get up to date on arguments. Arguments on social media never bring individuals to Christ.)

· Tell tales that develop a bridge of relationships.

· Treat social media like real existence. Unless of course you decide to go around quoting scriptures all day long, don’t merely publish scriptures on social media.

Here’s a fascinating thought: Social media is really a digital form of both you and your personality. For those who have a company on social media, you’re representing the culture in your business according to that which you publish. Bear in mind that all you publish is online for everybody to determine. Simply ask, “Basically is at real existence inside a room filled with people, would I only say this or show this photo for them all?”