During the last couple of years I have seen the same kind of process rearing its mind with regards to new / startup companies as well as their websites.

I have blogged before about the significance of brand cheap it’s frequently overlooked by startups – citing it as being costly luxury the maybe have no need for.

Like a business coach, during the last couple of several weeks I have seen certain trends appearing along with a certain process returning to haunt me, here is how it always goes:

Startup owner calls up requesting an exciting singing, all dancing website

You meet them, you roughly cost up stated website

They are saying it’s an excessive amount of as they are merely a startup

You dig just a little much deeper and determine that really, they do not require the web design to become all singing and all sorts of dancing

You re-pages and use a solid cost for any more refined website

The customer states they’ll check it out themselves or their mate Dave is going to do it on their behalf

They are available back some time later saying they are unhappy using the design, build or insufficient sales they are receiving in the site Dave did

I’m not going that to seem like I am being judgmental I am not.

Rather, I appreciate that process and realise why it’s there and also the reasons that many people feel it:

They believe web design can be achieved by anybody

True, anybody who’s IT savvy can knock an internet site up, but to create a website that’s great looking, functional and earns money takes many years of practice.

They are trying to save cash

Aren’t all of us? What concerning the cash lost in sales within the 6 several weeks or newbie their web site is stagnant delivering nothing when it comes to sales?

I am a large believer in purchasing cheap means buying two times.

And there is a massive difference between cheap, cheerful & ineffective and price efficient & prone to provide prospects.

Sadly that line is a touch blurred at occasions.

Should you like a startup do choose to have your mate Dave do your site and also you don’t opt for an internet professional for the design, keep in mind that the site must, among other activities:

Be branded together with your brand (you’ve one, right?)

Look great and never turn people off following the famous 7 seconds you need to have them interested

Persuade folks to investigate about your service

Provide risk reversal guarantees (“Complete satisfaction, or a refund!”)

Suit your industry – do not possess a dark, grungy website if you are selling wedding flower plans for instance…

Like a startup it’s difficult to understand where you can invest your money, in the end everybody is attempting to children you – you will be bombarded with sales calls certainly.

But the conclusion is really, should you wouldn’t purchase from, or check into an item by yourself website since it just does not have an attractive appearance enough, why must other people?

In conclusion, a poorly designed and set together web site is the only greatest lack of cash inside the newbie of the startup business. A properly designed and great website, may be the single finest investment.

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