Globally, the IT industry is concerned of enhancing the functionality along with the quality of the software applications. Before launching a new software to the market or before delivering it to their eminent clients, the companies make sure that the quality analysis team of software engineers are 100% sure of the functionality of the product they have developed.

Over the past decade, everything is depending on the software and it’s the greatest gift of the information technology to boost the automation in every sphere from banking to work management to simplify the previous complexities and delays usually caused by the times of the manual works.

Companies use the best test automation tool to check the software before presenting it to their clients. In fact, they take the toughest decision whether the automation testing is required or not as there are still many companies that opt for both manual as well as automated software testing.

So, let’s take a tour to the most viable ways to choosing the best testing tool

Determine whether you actually need test automation or not

As a matter of fact, not every time, the test automation is required. There are many such software that can be quality checked manually. But there are certain software that demand a proper test automation tool for checking the hidden bugs. Before opting for test automation, software engineers determine a few things. Such as—

  • A huge number of testing to be done
  • When the same testing has to be executed recurrently in one testing cycle
  • To execute affixed number of tests when you have to follow a defined order.
  • When the seniors have asked you to double check even after a manual testing
  • When the testing has to be done on several computers instead of a single one
  • When the regression test has to be done aggressively
  • Based on the different testing scenario when you have to edit the test cases
  • When regular documentation of the reports has to be made then you need test automation technology.

Know what type of testing to be done

Before jumping into a conclusion, every team of software quality analysis has to know what type of testing they have to undergo. Know whether it’s a website, mobile application or a web service testing before asking for test automation.

So, these are some of the most viable ways to choose test automation tool.